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Video Game Party Testimonials
 "Thanks for the best birthday party Dylan has EVER had. He's been talking about it ever since Saturday.... This topped last year a million times over....He wants it next year too."   - Olivia
 "The invitations, the cake and the grandest entrance ever. My husband wants to have a superbowl party now. Two neighbors called me for your number, so they'll be calling you...."  - Fres L.
 "The truck pulled up to the house and the kids went wild. That's when I knew it was going to be a great party....Sorry if things got too insane for you guys. They were just so excited...."   - Zayn F.
 "I am surprised how well the Game Coach handled all of the kids. They all wanted to play different games and had questions and demands, but you guys were cool and calm. WHAT A GREAT IDEA. Who says you can't please all 20 kids at a party?...."  - John and Cindy S.
 "Your truck was the biggest attraction at the fundraiser by far and thank you for handling the tickets. It was chaotic in a good way. People bought tickets just for you. I know people will be calling you for parties after yesterday...."  - Michelle N.
 "The kids should have brought sleeping bags because they could have spent the night in that trailer. .... It's the best party ever, ever, ever. We'll be booking next year. ...Thanks for making Tyler feel like a king. That as a nice touch...."   - Allyson H.
 "This was the easiest party ever. My house stayed clean!! All the kids had a blast. The game coach was GREAT!!"  - Kim J.
 "I posted info about our party on Facebook and RAVED about it. I know this is the coolest party thing, now! Of course, we are the trendsetters, lol..."  - Denise K.
 "My husband Rick is not easily impressed. I have to tell you that he came back in the house and said that your game theater is the best party in the last decade around the Bennett family. The only hard part was getting the boys out of there....."  - The Bennetts
 "I've never had a party where everyone is laughing and having a great time every minute. I'm used to a few problems, but this was perfect."  - Phillip and Jen
 "I wanted to email and thank you for your professionalism of handling all of the rug rats. Jason was SO surprised when he saw all of his friends inside the game theater waiting! This was a great idea..."  - Jackie T.
 "This is the first party that everyone invited came! And then some. The ice cream cake was great too! I don't think they noticed the cake because they gamed the whole time!"  - Jessica B.
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